If you have ever owned dogs, you know sometimes they can cause trouble when they’re left alone. There are many temptations to be found around the house when nobody is looking. But while you might return home to a big mess, it’s hard to be mad when your dog is showing remorse, acting adorably guilty.

Greg and Jennifer Bannon came home one day to find their three dogs had gotten into the garbage can. This was something the trio apparently does regularly. Greg decided to give them a talking to and let them know that he is incredibly disappointed.

Ellie, Maggie, and Ace all lined up for questioning in the kitchen at the crime scene. They were surrounded by paper plates and other garbage as they flashed pleading puppy dogs eyes at Greg who was frustrated with having to clean up this mess.

Greg gave them a speech that will remind you of scolding your own children. He wanted accountability, but none of the dogs fessed up.

Next, he took them into the family room where the culprits further feasted their eyes upon the destruction.

At one point in┬áthis hilarious lecture, Ace turned around to plead with his mom, reminding her that he is a good boy. But, Greg quickly told him to turn around and look at him. “Don’t look at her, look at me when I’m talking to you,” he said. This smart pooch listened and took his medicine for getting in the trash.

The video below will have you laughing hysterically. Having dogs is sometimes like having kids and you have to discipline them the same way occasionally.

Simply adorable. It’s hard to be mad at those three cuties, even when they are doing something wrong!

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Source: Pop Sugar

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