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Classic roasts are some of the best moments in television history. The biggest stars took hits and everyone laughed! Don Rickles targeted everyone from little-known to big celebrities.

In the video below, Don Rickles roasts Clint Eastwood. In his typical style, Mr. Warmth insults the heck out of Clint as the crowd roars!

He gets more laughs in a couple minutes than most comedians get in a half hour.

Eastwood takes it like a champ and laughs along with the crowd at his own expense.

Actors knew they were in for it and there was no room for sensitivity when Don Rickles got a hold of them!

You knew you were going to get it and you just needed to roll with the punches!

You couldn’t be a softie or have tissue paper feelings when Don Rickles set his sights on you.

You knew that you made it when you were roasted by Don Rickles. It was an honor to be insulted by the man.

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Clint Eastwood Was Ready!

Eastwood knew what to expect as Rickles approached.

The two starred together in the 1970s war comedy “Kelly’s Heroes,” so he likely was prepared to be on the wrong end of the insults.

The film was filled with other movie stars, such as Carroll O’Connor, Donald Sutherland, and Telly Savalas.

Rickles didn’t care if your own mother was sitting next to you.

He didn’t spare any feelings after he decided to hurl his hilarious insults. He actually did this very thing to Clint Eastwood when he was sitting with his mother.

Then Mr. Warmth turned his attention to Clint’s mother. Nothing was sacred and that’s why it was so funny.

Sadly, Don Rickles passed away in 2017. I’m sure he’s still laughing and roasting his friends in Heaven.

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