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Americans loved tuning in to watch “The Dick Van Dyke Show” from 1961 to 1966. We had a lot of laughs seeing Rob and Laura Petrie‘s antics in their New Rochelle home.

Fans were used to Laura getting upset and taking things personally. It seemed Laura would become emotional and cry at the drop of a hat, but that made her character so endearing.

In the episode, “My Blonde-Haired Brunette,” Laura believes Rob is no longer attracted to her. He had been brushing aside her flirting and romantic gestures, so Laura took that as a sign that she needed to change things up.

Laura made a drastic change and had Millie color her hair platinum blonde! It was quite a switch! Right after Laura was sporting blonde locks, Rob called. When Laura came to the phone, she heard Rob singing, “I dream of Laura with the dark brown hair.” Laura got incredibly anxious that she had done the wrong thing. This concern was reinforced when Rob said that if Laura bleached her hair she would look like Harpo Marx. That’s not exactly a compliment!

Rob wanted to take Laura to dinner in an hour. This sent Laura into panic mode! She had to be a brunette again in less than an hour!

In typical fashion, Millie didn’t have any of Laura’s color on hand so they had to make an emergency call to the drug store for hair color!

The real fun starts when Rob gets home to catch Laura and Millie in the act. Watch Laura’s reaction in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” video clip below!

It was hilarious to see Mary Tyler Moore with both blonde and brunette hair at the same time. I think it’s clear to see that Mary Tyler Moore was meant to be a brunette! That’s why we loved Laura with the dark brown hair, too!

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