Darci Farmer

Darci Farmer quickly got our attention when she earned the Golden Buzzer on “America’s Got Talent.” The 12-year-old from Oklahoma is an incredibly talented ventriloquist and comedian. Plus she’s adorable too!

Although many of us first heard of her from “America’s Got Talent,” she has been performing for a while. When she was just 11, she wowed the crowd at the Cinderella International Pageant in the video below. Not only is she a terrific ventriloquist, but she sure can sing. It’s rather amazing that she can sing so perfectly without moving her lips! And remember that she’s still just a kid!


Amazing! It’s also impressive that a young child has such comedic timing as well. She wasn’t even a teenager for this performance and she has a sense of humor that adults can even relate to!

About the same time as this performance, Darci has another performance with Edna Doorknocker. These puppets weren’t just used for “America’s Got Talent.” Darci had been performing with them long before the national competition.

After just about one minute into the performance, you forget that she is the voice of Edna Doorknocker! Darci makes it look that easy and effortless Check it out in the video below.

Darci’s level of talent is almost unbelievable.

It seems that we will be seeing a lot more of Darci in the coming years, especially since she won “America’s Got Talent.” It’s rare to see a child with such singing and comedic ability and ventriloquist talent! She has such an incredibly natural presence on stage. She was born to entertain and she appears to really enjoy it too.

Not many kids can keep an audience of adults roaring with laughter not because she’s just a cute girl on stage, but because she’s truly entertaining.

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