Carol Burnett bank robber
Screenshot: Carol Burnett Show YouTube

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were a comedy duo unlike any other.

We tuned in to see them on “The Carol Burnett Show” and it’s still fun to watch them decades after the show ended.

Harvey Korman As The Bank Robber On “The Carol Burnett Show”

In one hilarious skit from “The Carol Burnett Show”, Harvey was a bank robber who had just pulled off a $60,000 heist, but he had one big problem. He was out of gas.

Tim Conway

Screenshot: The Carol Burnett Show YouTube

Harvey tried to solve this problem by stopping by a gas station but this was back when gas stations were full service so you were at the mercy of the attendant.

Harvey was in a hurry, quickly trying to get to the state line to escape the police who are hot on his tail.

Unfortunately, Tim Conway happened to be on duty at that time and he was more concerned with doing everything on the service station checklist than getting Harvey back on the road in a hurry.

Tim Conway Foils Harvey Korman’s Escape

Things got rather chaotic when Tim jumped in the car to clean the bank robber’s windows.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer and went from one point of inspection to another, giving gas station gifts along the way.

Tensions rose as Harvey pulled out a gun, but Tim wasn’t afraid. He simply gave the gun a quick cleaning for his customer.

Then, the police showed up while Tim Conway was stuck under the hood.

Harvey tried to battle it out with the cops as Tim made a surprise announcement.

The classic bank robber skit from “The Carol Burnett Show” will have you laughing hysterically! You can watch it below.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman should have been called The Two Stooges!

Their antics can’t be matched by anyone on television today. They made people of all ages laugh together!

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