Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies” entertained us from 1962 to 1971. The Clampetts didn’t quite fit in with their neighbors. They stuck out like sore thumbs, but that never scared them back to the Ozarks.

During the show’s first season, the Clampetts brought out their still to make some booze. Jed says that he is concerned about Mrs. Drysdale getting a whiff of the alcohol. They hadn’t met Mrs. Drysdale, but her husband begged Jed to keep it hidden from her.

Jed took this to mean that Mrs. Drysdale is a drunk. They believe she is in Boston to be cured of her alcoholism. Granny has a way to cure Mrs. Drysdale of her alcoholism in just two days. She shares her simple cure in the video clip below.

In reality, Mrs. Drysdale was in Boston to see doctors because she is a bit of a hypochondriac. She came home early to meet the Clampetts. Mr. Drysdale didn’t want his stuffy and uptight wife to discover hillbillies had moved in next door. He tried to redirect her back to their home, and even back to Boston, but that was unsuccessful.

When the Drysdales start arguing and tugging on Mrs. Drysdale’s stole, Jethro things she is being attacked by an animal and shoots it with his shotgun. This is the prim and proper behavior that Mrs. Drysdale expects in her neighborhood and she promptly faints into the car.

Seeing Mrs. Drysdale passed out reinforces the Clampetts’ belief that she is a drunk. The video below is one of the funniest introductions in television history!

Critics hated “The Beverly Hillbillies,” but Americans loved it. The thought of rich hillbillies moving to swanky Beverly Hills was something that made us tune in to watch every week. Decades later, it still is one of the most-watched shows ever.

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