WWII veteran eviction

Chet Lebrun served our country in World War II. Now, this veteran is facing being evicted from his Florida home.

96-year-old Lebrun’s mobile home sustained damaged during Hurricane Irma. His claims for assistance from FEMA have been denied and the community where this veteran lives served him with an eviction notice because he has not been able to make hurricane-related repairs.

The hurricane lifted off parts of his roof and siding. This allowed water to come into his home, causing damage. But, the veteran has limited resources to pay contractors and at his advanced age, he is unable to complete the work himself.

“When he opens the front door every morning, it’s wet,” his friend Karen Bingham said. “The floor is already rotting and soft.”

“When they sent me that notice, ‘You got seven days to fix it,’ imagine fixing all that, seven days, I can’t even stand up,” Lebrun said about Cypress Shores Retirement Community’s eviction demands.

Lebrun has lived in the community since the 1970s. He shares his mobile home with his cat named Kitty.

He served in the United States Army from 1941 to 1945. “I spent three years in the jungle, fighting,” Lebrun said. “I never complain, but there’s not much I can do about it.”

Chet Lebrun

Bingham, who is Lebrun’s power of attorney, established a GoFundMe account to help the veteran out of this jam. It had a $20,000 goal but has exceeded that, raising over $25,000. Senator Marco Rubio’s office is also helping to see what happened to Lebrun’s FEMA claim.

Video from Lebrun’s home is below.

Chet enjoys his independence of having his own home rather than being in assisted living. He is on a fixed income and his home was fine before the Hurricane hit. While it’s terrible to think this retirement community would throw this veteran out rather than help him, it’s heartwarming to hear that others have stepped up to assist him.

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Source: Fox News

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