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Movies aren’t what they used to be. I will gladly take classic films, where men were manly and not worried about offending anyone, over some of the wimpy leads we have today. And that’s why I like John Wayne films.

They also used to blend actors and singers from other genres. That’s what makes this clip such a gem. Wayne portrays a sheriff in Rio BravoHe is joined by Rat Packer Dean Martin and then teen idol Ricky Nelson, as well as Walter Brennan on the harmonica. These three performers strike the perfect balance with John Wayne.

It’s not a combination you would ordinarily expect together. But, it certainly flows well together and makes me very nostalgic for Classic Hollywood. Watch:

This 1959 classic is one worth watching again. The Sheriff played by John Wayne has a problem.  He must keep a killer played by Claude Akins from escaping. Akins’ character is charged with murdering an unarmed man in a saloon. The only people Wayne can call on for support are an alcoholic played by Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson, a crippled Walter Brennan and a young Ricky Nelson.

A trailer for this beloved movie set in Texas during the 1860s is below.

These classics are better than anything showing at the theaters today! These movies didn’t come with a political message or a serving a political correctness. It was just pure entertainment without a lecture.

This wasn’t the only time Dean Martin and John Wayne paired up. Wayne came on Dean’s shows. While Wayne wasn’t a member of the Rat Pack, these two giant legends were friends. They also were patriotic Americans. Once, Duke went on Dean’s show to discuss how he was raising his young daughter to be a good American! You don’t hear many of today’s Hollywood A-Listers instill these values in their children.

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