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Mary Tyler Moore entertained us for decades. Many of us were first introduced to her on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” but she really came into her own during her show. She really made us laugh!

One of the most memorable moments was when Chuckles the Clown died on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Chuckles died while Grand Marshalling a parade. Chuckles had dressed as a peanut and an elephant tried to shell him.

The crew from WJM went to Chuckle’s funeral to pay their respects. Mary told Murray not to make any clown jokes as they needed to be respectful. A funeral wasn’t a place to be laughing or joking. But, Mary had trouble following her own advice.

The eulogy proved to be just a little bit too much for Mary to handle with a straight and solemn face. It was impossible for her not to laugh as the Reverand listed Chuckles the Clown’s characters. Mary tried hard to hide her laughter, but this proved to be impossible. She even tried to pretend to be coughing. It didn’t work!

When the Reverend addressed her un-funeral-like behavior, Mary acted as Mary typically did – with some hilarious antics!

Watch the video below for another laugh with Mary!

“Chuckles Bites The Dust” is one of the most memorable episodes of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” This episode won an Emmy and is regarding as being one of the best television episodes to have ever aired.

Mary Tyler Moore wasn’t just an actress, she was a passionate advocate for people with Type 1 diabetes. Moore didn’t allow her diabetes to impact her career. She was an inspiration to a lot of other diabetics, as the disease wasn’t something that was talked about regularly. She put a face to the condition – and she did it with a smile.

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