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After “I Love Lucy” ended, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz didn’t waste any time. They began filming “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.” Ethel and Fred Mertz joined them on this one-hour-long show along with a variety of celebrity guests in each episode.

This gave Lucille Ball  more creative freedom to show off some of her talents that weren’t seen on “I Love Lucy.” We knew she was hilarious, but this second show proved she could actually sing and dance, too! In “I Love Lucy,” her singing voice was always awful, but that was just for comedic purposes!

One of the most memorable performances was when Red Skelton appeared on the show. He was Freddie the Freeloader. He and Lucy were a couple of optimistic hobos who didn’t have much of anything but were grateful for what they did have: each other.

The video below has the first part of this skit. Red and Lucy sing a cute song that you will enjoy!

It didn’t end there. In fact, things began picking up with this performance. Next, Lucy and Red decided to go to dinner. They were hungry and wanted to eat at The Ritz. They obviously didn’t have the money to actually go to The Ritz, but they imagined they were there.

They brilliantly mimed out their fancy dinner with perfect comedic timing in this performance. Not only did they partner well together, but they clearly rehearsed this for a long time!

This was an incredible pairing of comics and a great scene! These two worked very well together. Sadly, today’s TV stars really are lack-luster compared to the icons from the Golden Age of TV. Lucy and Red weren’t just hilarious, they kept their comedy clean. The entire family could watch and laugh together.

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