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Jimmy Kimmel Wanted To Know If Hollywood Residents Could Locate North Korea

Can you point it out?

Tensions between the United States and North Korea are almost at a boiling point. Kim Jong-un continues to escalate his nuclear threats and President Trump isn’t giving the North Korean madman a free pass like Barack Obama did.

But, what do Americans actually know about North Korea? Do they even know where it is? Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to the streets of Hollywood to see who could locate North Korea on a map.

The results are rather shocking as many people pointed to everywhere BUT North Korea. Some people even pointed to North America, including the United States, and South America. They were completely clueless and not even close.

Of course, these people were in California and not the best representation of the entire country. Many of us might not be pampered like Hollywood types, but we at least have a general idea where North Korea is on a map!

The video below shows how our educational system is lacking, but it is pretty funny!

I feel like a genius after watching that! Perhaps there are just more idiots in Hollywood than most other places! While Californians lecture us on politics, the vast majority of people in this video don’t have even the faintest idea where Asia even is. Remember that the next time a left coast liberal is talking down to you!

It’s understandable to not know exactly where North Korea is, but how can they not know what continent it is a part of?

Liberals want free college for all, but perhaps they need to focus on having better grade schools instead. It is embarrassing that these people do not have knowledge of very basic geography. We learned continents by 5th grade when I was in school.

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