Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny has been entertaining us for generations. The beloved Warner Brothers cartoon provided many of us with countless laughs during our childhood.

The “wascally wabbit” was always getting into trouble and trying to escape the wrath of characters like Elmer Fudd. The bunny’s hijinx always helped him not only get away but make fools of his enemies.

But, there are things that Bugs did back in our childhood that he couldn’t get away with today. Bugs would do almost anything for a laugh or an escape plan. That included dressing in drag.

At the time, nobody seemed to take offense to it. Bugs would put in a lot of effort to make himself look glamorous and attractive to help hatch his plan. It certainly wasn’t anything sinister or vengeful towards the audience. It was just hilarious!

Bugs Bunny never stayed in character. He was always up to something crazy and sometimes that meant he had to wear a dress! All Bugs’ male nemeses would fall for his charms when he put on a dress and lipstick. He fooled them all with these disguises!

Take a trip down memory lane and watch Bugs Bunny’s crazy drag antics in the video below. Yosemite Sam and the Tazmanian Devil even fall for the “wascally wabbit’s” deceitful charms!

It’s unlikely that Warner Brother’s would be able to get away with Bugs Bunny’s cross-dressing in today’s highly charged politically correct environment. Liberal activists would very likely claim they were mocking men who dress as women or people who are questioning their gender. There would probably even be a boycott!

This was never about ridiculing people. It was about having fun and seeing how Bugs Bunny would charm his way out of a problem!

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