Uncle Jed Can’t Stop Shaking His Head When Jethro Talks About Fast Women!

A classic Beverly Hillbillies Fast Women shit has Uncle Jed shaking his head repeatedly while his nephew describes what it was like

In the 1960s, Americans tuned into their televisions to watch “The Beverly Hillbillies.” The Clampetts struck it rich and left the Ozarks for Beverly Hills. These transplants didn’t change who they were in order to adapt to the California lifestyle.

Jethro was a unique character. He was known for his looks, but not his intellect. In the first season, he hadn’t even grasped the idea of flirting. By the third episode, Jethro had a chat with his Uncle Jed about women.

Jed wanted to answer his nephew’s questions about keeping company with girls. He asked Jethro if he’d done any snuggling. Much to his surprise, Jethro said that he had. But, when Jethro finished telling his tale, there were a lot of questions left unanswered.

The prettiest girl in the hills was Big Mouth Bradshaw who tried to woo Jethro into the house with cookies while his parents were gone. He came into the house and didn’t have much patience for her flirting. He wanted to know where the cookies were!

Big Mouth held up the cookies and asked, “Jethro, which do you think would taste sweeter, these here cookies or my lips?” He then told Uncle Jed that is when he found out Big Mouth was a fast woman.

Except, Jethro certainly didn’t understand the double entendre of a woman being fast. Watch “The Beverly Hillbillies” video below for a good laugh, and to see Uncle Jed just shake his head!

Big Mouth Bradshaw must have been fast if it took Jethro two miles to outrun her. I wonder if Uncle Jed ever had that long talk with him about women.

Critics hated “The Beverly Hillbillies,” but the public loved it. Beverly Hills seemed like a foreign land to many of us, so we could appreciate the Clampetts’ inability to blend in with Hollywood’s rich and famous.

If you enjoyed this clip, check out this video of the Clampetts showing off their marksmanship skills:

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