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Ben Shapiro is rather skilled at neutralizing college liberals. They keep trying to trip him up, and then always end up falling flat on their faces.

Ben Shapiro Goes To College

When Shapiro spoke at Ferris State University, another college student grabbed the microphone in hopes of proving that Shapiro is unqualified to speak on certain topics.

The student asks Shapiro what his undergraduate degree is in. The Daily Wire editor responds that his undergraduate degree is in political science, and he has a law degree from Harvard. The student then implies that Shapiro is not qualified to speak on any gender, or similar topics because he doesn’t have a doctorate in Sociology!

This liberal college student doesn’t believe someone is entitled to have an opinion on a topic unless they have an advanced degree on that specific subject. This is an absurd theory.

Many people don’t go to college. Are they not entitled to an opinion because they lack a certain piece of paper?

Shapiro wasn’t about to let this nonsense stand.

Shapiro Shuts It Down

He responds several times that a degree isn’t a qualifier to having an opinion on any topic. But the student kept coming back with the same failed logic.

Shapiro finally fired back, “I don’t need a 7-year degree in Sociology to know BS when I hear it.”

Watch Ben slam this liberal student’s argument in the video below.

You don’t need a Ph.D., masters, bachelors, or even a high school diploma to be knowledgeable, to have an opinion, or to be right. A college degree isn’t required to read a study or come to a thoughtful conclusion.

This college student must think he is better than someone who doesn’t have a degree. What entitled nonsense!

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