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America was a completely different place in the 1940s. Patriotism was standard. The press was even on our side during World War II. The country came together – and we won.

Talented Entertainers

Part of that effort was entertainment. Talented performers lightened the mood, made Americans smile, and took their minds off the Depression and the war. The Andrews Sisters were front and center during that important time.

Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne delivered a positive and upbeat message during WWII that helped lift a lot of people’s spirits. Their perfect harmonies and fun dance moves made them a worldwide sensation that no other group has been able to match.

On The USO Circuit

In addition to entertaining civilian Americans, The Andrews Sisters also entertained the troops at USO events. Reportedly, Bob Hope was the only entertainer who was more active than these sisters on the USO circuit during WWII.

Over seven decades later, The Andrews Sisters are one of the most recognizable groups of any era. It’s hard not to shake your hips when “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” is played. Watch the video below and see if it makes you dance.

Now that’s entertainment!

The Andrews Sisters continued performing long past World War II.


The eldest sister, LaVerne, died in 1967 after a long battle with cancer.

In 1966, they were able to perform together for the final time on Martin’s show.

That was just crazy good. It just goes to show the depth of their talent. And good on Dean Martin for having them on his show that one last time!

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