Marines surprise mom

Military families sacrifice so much for our country. They go long stretches of time without seeing their loved ones, and they constantly worry about their safety, particularly during deployments to war zones.

It’s so heartwarming to see military reunions, and surprise reunions are some of the best. The look of complete shock, immediately followed by immense joy, can bring an instant smile to your face.

Three Marine brothers decided to surprise their mom in dramatic fashion. She wasn’t expecting to see them for the holidays, but they dropped by her work and gave her the surprise of a lifetime. The¬†brothers looked sharp wearing their dress blues. They marched from the parking lot to her office because they wanted to make their mom proud.

Lenadjah White posted a video of the reunion saying, “Came home to surprise our mom’s she couldn’t have asked for anything more than to have her boys home for the holidays so we gave it to her and you know the boys had to be flashy about it her reaction was priceless.”

Their mother was incredibly ecstatic, and you can see her priceless reaction in the video below. At first, she thought her daughter was just dropping by to see her.

Her sudden joy was multiplied by three, and she jumped and ran with excitement to hug her sons.

What a beautiful reunion for this family! There certainly were plenty of smiles to go around. What a terrific surprise these three young men planned for their mother.

Imagine having three sons away in the military at the same time. Now, imagine all three of them returning to surprise you at once. What a treat for this mom when she least expected it. She clearly was missing her three sons while they were off protecting our freedoms. What a great video to see!

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