Marine Sergeant Trommer understands the best reactions are always spontaneous ones, which is why he decided to surprise his girlfriend with an unscheduled appearance.

Many do not realize that when active military service members surprise their loved ones by showing up unannounced, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world for that soldier. I’ve gone through it many times when I surprised my mom. She never knew I was coming home and when I did, it made my heart burst with joy to see her so happy.

Sgt. Trommer felt the same thing, which is evident in the video below. His girlfriend Mandy was so shocked, you can see her lose the strength in her legs even to stand up. It’s, in a word, beautiful.

These surprises and hugs are the best medicine for any hero who has been away from home for so long. Sometimes, they can be therapeutic. You have to smile at what you see going on and hope they experience some good in life as being separated for a long period can really take its toll.

How did you react when you saw Mandy open the door? How about when she walked outside? Share your reaction below in the comment section and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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