Fireworks Suicide Vest

The competition for Idiot of the Year is fierce, but we think we found the winner. A man who strapped a Fireworks Suicide Vest to his upper body and then lit it up appears to have won this title.

Anyone with a second-grade education should have known this wouldn’t end well. What a fool! Putting fireworks on your body is sure to cause you some serious harm or even death. Apparently, this fool doesn’t care. He is more concerned about attaining internet celebrity status by getting lots of YouTube views.

It’s hard to look away when you hear of someone doing something so incredibly stupid. It’s rather unbelievable that anyone would strap fireworks to his chest. Watch the video below and see how he reacts when his bare chest lights up! His stupidity should earn him some sort of reward. Some language in the video isn’t safe for work or little ears!

OUCH! I wonder if this idiot thinks the burns and scars are worth it. He’s going to need more than Neosporin to treat that. It could be painful AND costly! All for a couple minutes of fame and being labeled an idiot forever!

This idiot’s name is Zach Holmes and he makes videos like this routinely. Doing stupid things like this is something he does a lot. The video below is a compilation of several of his attempts to get attention. With all of the injuries that he appears to have gotten seeking viral video fame, I don’t understand why he continues!

He is going to be regretting that in a decade when he’s got permanent damage or can’t have children!

Of course, he’s not the only idiot. Click here to watch a drunk woman talking her friends into breaking her leg! What kind of fool actually asks for this to be done?

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