man calls elephant

Elephants never forget their friends. Decades after being separated, they still remember each other when reunited. They also never forget who their human friends are. Elephants are loyal and they can be loving, too. They recognize the importance of their herd and they often view their caretakers as being part of their family.

Darrick is a volunteer at Elephant Nature Park. He loves the magnificent animals and they love him right back. He has a particularly special bond with an elephant named Kham La. When she hears Darrick on the ground of the park, she hustles to see him. Several members of the pack join her as they all love being in Darrick’s company.

Darrick will call Kham La’s name when he arrives. She trumpets as she hurries to get to her good friend. She is in the lead as three other elephants join her march to see Darrick.

The video below shows just how much these elephants love this devoted volunteer. They hustle to get to him. Then, they flap their ears to show their happiness, much like a dog wags its tail!

The video below of Kham La and the other elephants greeting Darrick is sure to bring a smile to your face!

It would be a little terrifying to many of us if four elephants ran right at us, but Darrick clearly is not concerned about being accidentally¬†trampled. The elephants’ size is almost a physical representation of the magnitude of love they have for their friend. They mean him no harm.

Personally, I might be a little concerned about being loved to death by these animals, but they obviously know their own strength when greeting Darrick, who they tower over. What a tremendous gift of friendship these elephants and this man share!

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Source: Faith Tap