Jeanne Robertson

Jeanne Robertson isn’t your average comedian. In fact, she doesn’t even consider herself to be a comedian. She labels herself as a humorist since she tells stories instead of jokes. This woman is so talented that she makes everyday life seem hysterical.

Jeanne refers to her husband as Left Brain because he thinks differently than she does. A classic story of hers involves reprimanding her son when he was 16. Jeanne and her husband learned at a school open house that their son, who they call Beaver, hadn’t turned in any of his homework.

Jeanne wasn’t happy about this at all and she wanted to wring Beaver’s neck. Left Brain wanted to take over the situation. He said because he’s a principal, he knew how to get kids to confess their crimes without much duress. Jeanne wasn’t happy about that since she was a gym teacher, but she agreed to let Left Brain do the interrogation.

Left Brain didn’t have to do much to get Beaver to rat himself, and his friend, out. Left Brain explained they had been at the school and learned something that made them angry. Left Brain simply¬†wanted an explanation from his son. What Beaver said shocked them both, but sure makes for a funny story today.

The video below is a must-see for anyone who has ever had to parent a teen.

Beaver confessed to something completely different. Not only was he in trouble for not doing his homework, now he was going to get it for drinking beer too. Oh to have been a fly on that wall. Brett’s parents probably got a phone call too.

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