Irish wedding dance

Dances are a memorable part of weddings. Couples come up with creative dances on their own, but it’s also fun when others join in. They can be impressively creative, but one Irish groom might have won the prize for best dance at a wedding ever!

Rob Wilson wanted the dance to be a special gift for his bride and the guests, so he upped his game dramatically. He asked not only his groomsmen to participate in this surprise dance but a number of guests as well.

The numerous men began by lining up in three rows. The groom took center stage with dozens of men behind him. The groomsmen were on either side of the guests. Together, they all had a loud and energetic performance that would have made any Irishman proud!

It was incredibly well-timed and rehearsed. This is something they all had been planning for a long time! The choreography was perfect as Rob led the many dancers.

The other guests loved it and clapped and cheered along as the men paid homage to Irish dance.

After watching the viral video below, you will probably wish you are at this wedding!

It was quite a feat for Rob to get so many men to join in on this dance. They must have spent a lot of time practicing the choreography as everyone danced perfectly! This was a major commitment and a very nice gift for the bride and the other guests.

If you like this video, click here to watch Fusion Fighters perform at the Irish World Championship. They have modernized Irish dancing. Each dancer appeared to be completely in sync – and there were a lot of them on that stage. The choreographer used to be with Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance. You can see themes of that in their performances.

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