Newlywed’s First Dance Shocks Everyone With How DIRTY It Is!

I mean it's dirty!

Newlyweds shocked and thrilled the guests at their reception when they recreated the final dance from Dirty Dancing. The pair obviously rehearsed this for hours as they nailed the dance.

This husband and wife clearly put a tremendous amount of time into learning this dance as it was almost perfect! It seems as if every twist and turn was down perfect. They also chose their wedding apparel specifically for this special dance so they looked just like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. That’s quite a commitment!

Check out their dance below:

They did an amazing job! These newlyweds even got the lift right, even if it took a second try! It’s pretty spot on. Take a look at the original in the video below and see if you can find any discrepancies!

While this might be what a lot of 1980s teens dreamt about happening at their weddings, this is quite a hard dance to pull off. The lift at the end is a nearly impossible dance move to correctly perform.

Dirty Dancing is a movie that many of us saw numerous times. Three decades later, this movie is still recognizable. Even wedding guests who weren’t born when the movie was released in 1987 recognized the music and the dance.

This husband and wife had a rather remarkable dance. Their performance was superb and their clothing was on point. The bride must be a huge Dirty Dancing fan to chose her dress for this dance. Their children certainly will have fun watching this viral video of their parents on their wedding day!

This couple obviously were very committed to pulling this dance off. They did an amazing job and their guests loved it. What a fun way to start a marriage! Bravo to these newlyweds!

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