Sometimes a simple revelation can bring about a big A-HA moment that changes how you use everyday items. That is what Sarah Rose did with a viral Facebook post about Glad containers.

Many of us use these for lunches regularly without realizing there is a purpose to the circle inside the lid. Sarah pointed out what that circle is actually for and it might just change how you pack lunches!

That circle can hold a little container for salad dressing or soy sauce any other condiment! It is even mentioned on the box, yet I had no idea that you could use it to hold condiments. I never thought to look at the instructions for Gladware. This is rather mind-blowing as a mom who packs lunches every school day!


This is going to change how I pack lunches! No more soggy salads! This is going to prove to be incredibly helpful and save me some space in my fridge and lunch box.

A mom did a review of Gladware on her YouTube channel. She replaced her traditional storage containers with Gladware. It helped reduce her clutter because it stacks together so nicely. It’s also color coordinated so there isn’t any guessing as to what lid goes with each piece.

The video of her Gladware review is below. It really does help her reduce clutter. Notice how she uses the dressing lids with the containers with the circles too.

Those storage container drawers sometimes can be a black hole. I have so many missing lids! I’m not sure I could get rid of all of my glass storage containers though. While there are more cumbersome to organize, I trust putting them in the microwave more than anything plastic.

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Source: Yahoo

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