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Most children are taught at a young age not to play with fire or firecrackers. We also learn not to play in the street as well, but one Chinese boy must have missed out on these important warnings, quickly learning a lesson the hard way.

Surveillance cameras of a busy Chinese street caught it all on video. The boy is bent over an open manhole next to a parked car. Another boy approaches him as it appears he is lighting a firecracker before dropping it down the manhole. Immediately, fire bursts from the ground. The force throws the instigator 10 feet into the air as onlookers cringe and watch.

A firecracker and methane gas are not a good combination. This caused the combustion that literally sent the boy flying up in the air and the other boy running in the opposite direction.

The alarming and dramatic video can be viewed below.

That was unbelievably stupid, especially for a child of his age. There is no news on the boy’s status or if he even survived this accident. Chinese media is using the shocking video to warn people about the dangers of firecrackers as the Chinese New Year approaches.

Shockingly, there are a number of YouTube videos of children throwing lit firecrackers into sewers before facing similar reactions.

In the video below, a boy does the same thing as two other children stand there. Shockingly, an adult man is right there with the children overseeing it all. What would possess a grown man to allow a child to do this? All three children and the man were put directly in harm’s way when an explosion erupted from the manhole hurling the instigator into the air.

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Source: Daily Mail

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