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Classic sketch comedy shows aren’t like anything on television today. The clips are so fun to watch and are a good reminder of times when families could enjoy the same shows together. They weren’t crass or filled with bad language. They were just fun!

The Maid And The Butler

One of the most memorable clips from “The Carol Burnett Show” was when Carol Burnett portrayed a maid and Tim Conway, a butler. They were serving Lanscroft and Evelyn, played by Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence.

The couple had a very dysfunctional dinner.

Neither of them used their hands. Instead, Carol and Tim spoon fed them and wiped their mouths!

Tim Conway even burped Harvey!

Things Heat Up

Things got heated when the husband and wife accused each other of having an affair.

Then Harvey Korman informed Tim Conway, “Madame and I are about to have an altercation.”

But, this was not a typical husband and wife argument. They fought through their butler and maid.

Tim and Carol were forced to hit each other. Vicki proclaimed she was going to have a temper tantrum, so Carol did just that and even put her head through the wall.

Things got even weirder when Vicki said she was going to kill herself. Carol gave her a stunned look and then a gun went off. Watch the video below to see what happens next!

That was so funny.

Carol Burnett’s expression had me laughing to the point of tears.

When Harvey said he couldn’t go on living without his wife, Tim Conway’s response of “Sure, you can!” had me laughing out loud!

They sure don’t make television shows like they used to! These old sketch comedy shows were television at its best!

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