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Ben Shapiro is used to being confronted by people who don’t agree with him. If there is no basis for their argument or they are just plain rude, Shapiro completely shuts them down with facts. But, if they have a logical point to make and do so rationally, Shapiro has a thoughtful discussion with them.

At a Young America’s Foundation event on a college campus, Shapiro was confronted by a student who said he was a fan who happened to be a vegan. He took exception to a previous answer the conservative commentator said about eating meat. The student told Shapiro “what you said was invalid.”

Shapiro discussed veganism with this man in a very hospitable manner. Shapiro and the student came to an agreement that human life was more important than the lives of animals. The student made some points that humans can thrive without animal protein as there are many other sources. Many people survive on plant-based proteins.

Shapiro said he is willing to learn more and that he had previously stated there are many good reasons to go vegetarian or vegan. But, he said he doesn’t believe the “Holocaust on your plate nonsense” that PETA spews is a rationale for changing your diet.

Shapiro concludes that if he ever does go vegan, “I’d really miss hamburgers” in the video below.

Ben Shapiro has a great grasp of facts. While the left likes to portray him as some sort of bully, he absolutely is not. This video proves that. He is willing to listen to someone else’s point of view. He just isn’t going to accept nonsense as fact. Emotions aren’t facts and this student realized that.

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