Tokio Myers

Britain’s Got Talent is a rough gig. It’s just as competitive as its American counterpart. Contestants also have to face Simon Cowell. It really takes someone special to gain the favor of the judges and the audiences.

One man wowed all the judges without saying a word. Tokio Myers’s emotional piano performance was unlike anything they had seen before. The music was both intense and emotional. Remarkably, he used a synthesizer and a piano at the same time.

See if you get goosebumps watching Tokio’s audition in the video below.

Simon immediately recognized the talent of the 32-year-old pianist and took him under his wing. Tokio earned a tremendous amount of praise and accolades as his star rose quickly during this competition. He puts a tremendous amount of passion into his music.

Tokio says he’s had a “rough background” and he apparently channels that into his performance. “Looking at the people I grew up around, I’ve had people I went to school with who are no longer here today because they’re either literally dead or in jail. It’s still going on. Music and having that thing kept me out of a lot of trouble. I could have probably ended up in gangs, or been dead or in jail or whatever.”

At age 11, this pianist witnessed the murder of his headmaster, Phillip Lawrence. From The Sun:

Tokio said: “I was in the music room practising piano when the door gets kicked open and my teacher drags me off the stool.

“As I’m carried out I see my headmaster coming into the atrium next door.

“I see him collapsing, I see blood, and my music teacher is covering my eyes.”

Mr Lawrence, 48, died of a single stab wound at St George’s School in Maida Vale, West London, in 1995.

He was trying to save a pupil from a gang when attacked by Leacro Chindamo, 15.

What a horrific thing for a child to experience. He poured himself into his music to deal with this tragedy and it shows. Tokio went on to win the 2017 Britain’s Got Talent competition. Not only will he perform for the Royal Family, but Tokio is now signed to Simon Cowell’s record label.

You can see his jaw-dropping performance in the semi-finals below. Listen to how much praise Simon puts upon this pianist!

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