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Dating as a middle-aged person can be challenging, especially when you have kids. It’s a very different experience than dating in your 20s.

Dawn Cousins knows that truth all too well. The 44-year-old mother of four is having trouble finding love at her age, but the reason she gives is much different than you’d hear from most other women her age.

Dawn believes her looks get in her way. She thinks she looks much younger than her age and claims that men half as old as she are the ones who ask her out. She doesn’t want to date men the same age as her daughters.

Dawn Cousins

“The thing is I look half my age,” Dawn boasted, “and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient. I sometimes wish I didn’t look so good, then I might attract the right kind of man I could spend my life with.”

She says she doesn’t want to date men who are laser focused on her looks. She is more than just a pretty face. “I seem to get the men who are only after looks and not personality,” Dawn stated. “Those types are not the kind of person you want to spend your days with.”

Dawn Cousins

Dawn looks young for her age because she focuses on her health. She is looking for a man who also takes care of himself. “I do want to find a man to marry,” she admits, “but he needs to be at the same level as me.”

Until Mr. Right comes along, Dawn will continue focusing on her children. She has daughters who are 20 and 22 as well as 17-year-old twins.

Dawn Cousins

This energetic middle-aged mom admits the attention from young men can be flattering, but it can be too much. She just wants a man who is searching for a man who isn’t just looking for a pretty face.

“If [my daughters] see a young man approaching me they’ll quickly slip the word ‘mum’ into the conversation to make it clear who I am, to try and stop any awkward conversations, but it doesn’t always happen . . . I guess I’m a MILF!” she reports.

What dating advice would you give Dawn? Do you think her looks are preventing her from finding the right man?

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