Judge Frank Caprio

Judge Frank Caprio is the Chief Municipal Judge in Providence, Rhode Island. Judge Caprio is a bit of an internet sensation as quite a few of his sentencing videos have gone viral.

He has a compassionate side when it comes to cases involving people who were ticketed for minor infractions that posed no threat of danger or malice. If the defendant brings a child to the courtroom, Judge Caprio often involves the child in the determination of punishment.

In this particular case, the charge was parking on a sidewalk. The penalty for not paying the original ticket amounted to $300, but Judge Caprio brought the defendant’s daughter up to the bench to help him determine what the outcome should be. The young girl had the option of charging her mother nothing, but she chose to fine her $50.

This honest child recognized that a law had been broken and there should be a consequence. But, Judge Caprio had a better idea. After learning the child hadn’t eaten breakfast, he had a terrific solution. As you can see in the heartwarming video below, mom learned a lesson and so did her daughter.

She recognizes the importance of obeying the law AND eating breakfast. Minor infractions such as this don’t have to be met with the heavy hand of justice. A compassionate sentencing will go much longer than throwing the book at a defendant for a rather harmless issue.

Judge Caprio’s decision to be incredibly fair was more successful instilling the meaning of justice in this family than issuing a heavy fine. Mom will think twice next time she is in a similar situation and the daughter now understands there are penalties for broken laws. This is probably something the family even discussed over the breakfast the judge ordered them to eat.

Sharing a meal is a perfect way to bond and have solid family time. This young girl likely learned a solid lesson about obeying the law and how our justice system works.

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