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A “man on the street” interview can reveal how stupid people actually are. Many people don’t have basic knowledge of modern events but also history that should have been taught to them by the third grade!

Mark Dice took to a California street to ask millennials a simple question – Who won the Civil War? It’s astounding how many had no idea. This highlights what a poor job schools are doing teaching our children. This is simple American history and these millennials were clueless! I believe I knew this answer by the 1st or 2nd grade!

Watching the video below will make you feel like a genius! How could they not know the answer to such a basic question? You will likely shake your head after seeing these people fail this simple test.

Who Won The Civil War?

It’s also amazing that the man didn’t know that slaveholders were DEMOCRATS! Mark Dice is right. The liberal media and liberal teachers have rewritten this fact to fit their modern-day agenda!

Mark Dice masterfully trolls leftists and millennials in particular. He often picks the perfect place to find them – a California beach. Apparently, there is no shortage of uninformed snowflakes hanging out at the beach. How are these folks able to survive in the real world? How do they handle tackling challenging situations at work and in their personal life? They can’t answer basic questions and seem overly sensitive about many issues.

Millennials have a much different view of the world than older generations. They are offended by everything and can’t handle differing opinions. This is the result of handing out trophies for everything. Trophies are for winners, not losers!

Click here to watch Mark Dice ask young Americans about safe spaces and if Halloween is offensive. Their responses are truly something else.

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