Little People, Big World Christmas

It’s been an exciting year for the Roloff family. The first grandson and granddaughter were born, and Molly got married. This means December is going to be a fun and adorable month as the Little People, Big World stars celebrate Christmas.

Ember is now three months old. To celebrate this milestone, Audrey posted an Instagram picture of the sweet little girl wearing a reindeer outfit. The picture of Ember sporting a big smile is sure to bring a smile to your own face. It’s simply adorable!

Ember and Jackson did something fun together for the first time over the weekend. The littlest Roloffs picked out their Christmas trees. Their dads, Zach and Jeremy, are twins so these cute little cousins are likely going to be very close as they grow up and continue Roloff holiday traditions like going to a tree farm to choose their Christmas trees.

Audrey shared this captured memory on Instagram too. Jackson looks incredibly excited to pick out his first Christmas tree!

Audrey wasn’t the only one sharing Christmas pictures. Matt posted an adorable picture of Jackson sporting a Santa hat, reminding everyone that Matt’s new book makes a great Christmas present. Jackson is already doing advertisements. Of course with his baby blues, he’s likely to help his Grandpa sell some books! Look at how much his face has changed. He’s growing up so fast!

Jackson is obviously teething. Check out the drool on his chin. Hopefully, Santa will put some teethers in this sweet little boy’s stockings. Jackson and Ember are likely to get lots of presents on their first Christmas!

Grandma Amy is having fun buying presents for her grandbabies as well. The new Grandmother posted a picture of herself shopping for baby toys for Jackson and Ember, and to donate to families in need.

It sure is going to be a fun Christmas at Roloff Farms this year! There is so much for the Little People, Big World family to celebrate as 2017 draws to a close.

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