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Jacob Roloff family TLC Little People Big World Producer molested
December 18, 2020
The Roloff family stands behind their youngest son Jacob who claims was molested by a producer on TLC’s “Little People, Big World”.
Jacob Audrey Roloff Black Lives Matter activism Little People Big World
Jacob Roloff is using his social media accounts to shame Audrey and the rest of his family for not being a radical Black Lives Matter activist like him.
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcome new baby
January 15, 2020
The Roloff Family is starting 2020 with an addition to the family. Jeremy and Audrey celebrated their newborn son with pictures.
audrey roloff ember
July 31, 2019
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s little family is getting bigger! Taking to Instagram, Audrey, 29, showed off her baby bump and cute moments with daughter, Ember.
Roloff baby
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff announced to “Little People Big World” fans they are expecting a second child. Ember Jean will soon be a big sister.
Even though they are always seen smiling, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are facing marital troubles, she detailed on Instagram.
audrey roloff leaving little people big world
August 22, 2018
Audrey Roloff explains the true reason behind her and Jeremy’s decision last month to leave the succesful family reality show “Little People, Big World.”
Roloff baby number 2
July 31, 2018
Multiple outlets are reporting “Little People, Big World’s” Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her second child. She and Jeremy have a 10-month-old daughter.
jeremy audrey roloff final season
July 11, 2018
Jeremy Roloff made a surprise announcement that after 14 seasons, he and Audrey will not be returning to “Little Peopl, Big World.”
ember roloff surgery
May 22, 2018
Being a new parent isn’t always sunshine and giggles. Many people assume having a newborn is the honeymoon phase of parenting. This is not always the case. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff learned this the hard way after Ember was born.
Audrey Roloff
December 14, 2017
Audrey Roloff of ‘Little People, Big World’ thinks she and Jeremy need to have more fun on date nights. She shared a cute picture of them doing just that.
Little People, Big World Christmas
December 11, 2017
The Little People, Big World Christmas will be extra special this year as the family gets to celebrate Jackson and Ember’s first Christmas
Audrey Roloff mommy shamed
November 29, 2017
Audrey Roloff was once against mommy shamed for an Instagram post. So-called fans attacked her for not having a hat on Ember’s head.
Audrey Roloff
November 17, 2017
Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff was slammed by an online troll for wearing jeans to Ember’s 2 month doctor well checkup.
Little People, Big World Christmas
October 10, 2017
Little People, Big World fans have been given quite a treat with a number of new pictures of the Roloff grandchildren. Pictures have been highly requested.
Matt Roloff Ember Roloff
October 5, 2017
Matt Roloff is a proud grandpa. This summer, he was blessed with his first and second grandchildren. Jackson was born in May and Ember in September.