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Comedian Jeff Dunham has not been shy about expanding his family over the years. In 2015, he and wife Audrey welcomed twin boys. Then in 2017, the comical ventriloquist decided why not add one more baby to the mix. But Jeff Dunham got way more than he bargained for with baby Seamus!

Jeff Dunham Introduces Seamus

While in Ireland for his Netflix special “Relative Disaster”, the beloved funny guy decided to adopt an Irish orphan named Seamus. You may be thinking that sounds very big-hearted of Dunham, but he definitely got more than he bargained for with Seamus!

When Seamus joined Dunham onstage for the first time, this raucous baby shocked just about everyone in the audience.

Seamus is a talking baby with a propensity to drink a lot of alcohol. He also claims that Peanut taught him to curse.

Peanut must be quite the over-achiever because Seamus has quite a foul mouth. Especially for a baby!

When Jeff tells Seamus about the twins, things get even weirder. The Irish lad thinks the twins will be his new drinking buddies.

That’s when the skit really goes off the rails. The newest Dunham gets even more excited when he hears the twin’s names.

Of course, Seamus assumes that James and Jack are named after Jameson Irish Whiskey and Jack Daniels. He thinks he realy hit the jackpot by being adopted into such a fun family!

Meet Seamus

The newest Dunham addition might end up being the worst behaved one, besides Achmed the Dead Terrorist. You can learn more about Seamus in the video below.

Seamus is quite a bit more of a handful than what Jeff was probably expecting!

But at least Jeff has another entertaining, mischievous character to bring on stage. It’ll be interesting to see what his twins think about Seamus.

Hopefully, Seamus will learn to control his mouth when he’s playing with his new brothers!

Walter was recently left to babysit the Dunham twins. It was hilarious to see this grumpy old man puppet handle two excited baby boys.

Seamus, however, is like a man trapped in a baby’s body. We can’t wait to hear what Walter thinks of him.

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