Walter Mocks Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham fans already know that Walter is a big grump. That’s why we love him! His grumpiness is relatable because he says the things many of us have thought at one time or another.

Jeff has a new Netflix special called Relative Disaster. In the show, Walter shares his thoughts on Jeff’s family in typical Walter fashion. If Walter was a polite puppet, he would have kept his thoughts to himself! He hits Jeff pretty hard on a couple of rather sensitive topics.

Walter brings up the fact that Jeff is adopted. While some people understand that giving a child up for adoption is actually a very loving and selfless act, Walter doesn’t. He believes Jeff’s birth parents took one look at him and ran the other way! Then, Walter lists off some reasons why they probably didn’t want to keep him.

Then he brings up another touchy subject – Jeff’s wife. Mrs. Dunham is 18 years the junior of her well-known husband. First, Walter believes that Audrey married Jeff for his money because she is so much younger. When Jeff says that she didn’t even know who he was when they met, Walter pivots to say that she probably didn’t know who he was because she was too busy watching Sesame Street.

Walter then does impressions of Jeff using Sesame Street pickup lines to earn Audrey’s attention. When Walter uses Cookie Monster’s voice, I busted out laughing. Watch the video below to see what Walter said!

Jeff Dunham is such a great ventriloquist that it’s easy to forget he’s the voice of Walter, particularly when Walter is taking digs at him! Hopefully, Jeff’s wife has a good sense of humor about their age difference, too!

Of course, nobody should be taking marital advice from Walter, but he tries to dispense it anyhow. Click here to watch Walter talk about the “joys of marriage.”

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