Irish step dancing

The Fitzgerald Family Band is comprised of fiddlers and step-dancers. Their high energy performances draw quite a lot of attention at Irish festivals.

The Canadian family recently performed at the Cleveland Irish Festival to a large crowd. A video of the siblings step-dancing and tap dancing has actually gone viral. When you see the video below, you will understand why. I have watched it five times!

The Fitzgeralds not only dance but they fiddle as well. At the 2016 Iowa Irish Fest, they showed off their dancing and fiddling skills. You can see a video of that below. They sure are talented!

It’s easy to see why the Fitzgeralds are Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champions. It’s amazing to see them both fiddle and dance!

Their website explains how music and dance have been part of their life since birth. They are blessed with a tremendous amount of talent that has been fostered their whole lives.

The Fitzgerald siblings were raised in a musical household, and toured internationally with their family band “Everything Fitz”. Growing up on the outskirts of the Ottawa Valley, they were immersed in the rich tradition of Canadian Old Time fiddling and step dancing that evolved with the arrival of Irish, Scottish and French immigrants. Over time, they have developed their art form to include various styles of fiddle music including Celtic, jazz, bluegrass, French-Canadian, and pop. They have also explored other forms of dance including tap and Irish. The siblings continue to push boundaries by fusing traditional and modern styles of fiddle and dance to create their own unique sound and style. Their creativity and passion for experimentation has led them to compose original tunes and arrangements, some of which were released on their latest album. The result is a groovy and catchy new sound and look that appeals to all ages.

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