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When you want your big shot, you have to do something unique to set yourself apart. That’s exactly what 8 Irish dancers did to be cast in Ed Sheeran’s  video for his song “Galway Girl.”

When Sheeran put out a call for Irish dancers, these young ladies made a viral video referring to themselves as “Ed’s Galway Girls.” These talented beauties are from the Hession School of Irish Dancing in County Galway. The lined up on a street and started showing off their dancing skills.

It starts off with a cover of one of Sheeran’s current hits but then at the one minute mark the traditional Irish music begins. These ladies have an abundance of talent and have gotten over 6.2 million views on the video you can see below.

Well, it worked! “The girls asked if they could put something together and they shot it in the Claddagh here in Galway,” Gemma Carney, a teacher with the Hession School of Irish Dancing said. “Within a day it had gone viral.”

The dancers did get the attention of Ed Sheeran and they made it into his “Galway Girl” video. They only found out about the video the day before filming. They had no idea that they would be appearing in the video with Sheeran. They were under the impression they would only be making a cameo.

Watch their excited faces in the official video below as Ed Sheeran surprises them by showing up. They didn’t know they would even see him, so the look on their face is joy and shock.

Their viral video quickly got them the attention of this well-known musician. It also gave the girls the opportunity to elevate their dancing to a worldwide audience.

If you like Irish dancing, click here to watch Irish step-dancers face off against American tap dancers. It’s an incredible performance!

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