Hawaii Nuclear sirens

The United States is preparing itself for the possibility that North Korea will send a nuclear weapon our way. Nowhere is this more evident than in Hawaii. After North Korea fired intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) allegedly capable of hitting the United States again last week, Hawaii can no longer be passive about this imminent threat.

The 50th state is the one closest to madman North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un. Hawaii is preparing its residents and tourists for a possible strike. For the first time since the Cold War, Hawaii instituted nuclear siren drills. These drills will occur the first business day of every month, so people will be aware of what these sirens sound like and how they should respond. The alarms can be heard throughout the islands and should be treated as if Hawaii were actually under attack.

The steady one-minute long alarm during a drill will certainly get the attention of all Hawaiians. Residents have been informed that if the alarm goes off to signal a true threat, they are to turn on their radios or televisions to get information and instructions regarding the emergency. An all-clear message will be sent over the airwaves after it is safe to come out of hiding.

If these sirens go off in a real emergency, Hawaiians will have about 12 minutes to find shelter. Public service announcements and pamphlets are helping to educate people on these nuclear drills and how to respond if the sirens go off.

Video about Hawaii’s nuclear drills is below.

Hawaii admits the threat of a nuclear weapon being fired at them from North Korea is still low, but it is something they can’t ignore. They can’t turn a blind eye, causing residents to be sitting ducks. They must prepare for the worst.

Siren tests for weather-related concerns such as tsunamis are common in Hawaii, but nuclear sirens haven’t blared on the Aloha State in decades.

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Source: IJR

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