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CIA Director Mike Pompeo is warning the United States needs to assume North Korea “is on the cusp” of having a nuclear missile that could reach the United States. Pompeo assured the American public that President Donald Trump is working to prevent this from happening.

Both Pompeo and U.S. National Security Adviser HR McMaster said the President prefers to use sanctions and diplomacy to get Kim Jong-un’s regime to disarm. But, both are warning that military action might be necessary to prevent the North Korean madman from reaching his destructive goals.

“The president’s made it very clear,” Pompeo said. “He’s prepared to ensure that Kim Jong-un doesn’t have the capacity to hold America at risk. By military force if necessary.”

More information about these comments and concerns is in the video below.

North Korea’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador said this week that North Korea will not put its ballistic missile program or nuclear arsenal on the table until the Trump Administration ends it “hostile” stance towards madman Kim.

McMaster ensured those attending the Washington Policy Forum that the United States was doing all it can to prevent North Korea from reaching its goal of being able to reach our country with a nuclear weapon.

“We are not out of time but we are running out of time,” McMaster said. “The president has been very clear. He’s not going to accept this regime threatening the United States with nuclear weapons. There are those that say, “accept and deter”. Well, “accept and deter” is unacceptable.'”

The CIA Director promised to be silent if Kim Jong-un were to suddenly die or go missing. “With respect to, if Kim Jong-un should vanish, given the history of the CIA, I’m just not going to talk about it,” Pompeo said. “Someone might think there was a coincidence. ‘You know, there was an accident.’ It’s just not fruitful.”

Fortunately, President Trump is taking a proactive stance in dealing with North Korea. Prior presidents gave this incredibly hostile and incendiary activity a pass for decades. It’s time to get serious with this madman and protect Americans!

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Source: Daily Mail

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