Grandson surprises grandpa

Distance can keep families apart during the holidays. Spending the holidays with out of town relatives just isn’t an option for many people who live far away from loved ones. When this happens, it can make for a rather lonely holiday.

One grandfather got an extra special Christmas gift in 2015. When there was a knock on the door, he was stunned into silence to see his grandson standing there. YouTuber kelseywilbert explained that Grandpa had no idea they were driving 17 hours to surprise him on Christmas morning.

Grandpa’s expression at the door made that drive worth it! After trying to get over his initial shock, he comes out on the porch to embrace his grandson. Grandpa was so moved by this unexpected visit that he picked up his grandson. He was completely shocked! “Merry Christmas, Buddy!” the happy Grandpa cried when he finally got to see his grandson!

Watch this emotional reunion in the video below.

This certainly was a Christmas he will remember for the rest of his life! 17 hours is a long time to spend in a car at any time, let alone Christmas Eve! Grandpa’s reaction made the trip worth it!

That boy and his family sure gave their grandfather the best gift of all, their presence on Christmas Day! The rest of the family sounded happy to be together too! Being together with your family makes the holidays so much more special. This grandson will always have the memory of surprising his Grandpa on Christmas morning.

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