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There is a serious lack of respect today, especially with young people who feel entitled to everything. These types believe we are all here to serve them.

A green haired young lady is the prime example of this. This young teen female Grinch was caught on video screaming and belittling her grandfather at the mall as they were getting food.¬†This brat was late for an iPhone appointment, which he clearly didn’t even know about. She was blaming him for it all. Then she orders him to the iPhone store to get her phone fixed. She stays behind because she’s hungry. What kind of Christmas spirit is this?

She had no concern for the fact that her grandfather was likely hungry too. She just swore at him left and right. Then he did exactly as he was told! No wonder she acts like a brat. She needs to learn her boundaries! If her grandparents and her parents give her everything she wants, she will always act like a toddler who screams to get her way.

Watch the video below and let us know how you would react if you were treated this way!

Unbelievable! I’m pretty sure I would have taken the iPhone and thrown it on the floor. Then she’d have an even bigger problem! This entitled brat needs to learn a lesson! Stop coddling her! She will never survive in the real world!

I always knew that my grandparents deserved respect. I would never have yelled at them inside the house, let alone in public. This snot doesn’t appreciate anything. Unless she learns how to behave soon, she is going to grow up and be a miserable person.

She reminds me of the punk freeloading millennial¬†who flipped the Thanksgiving table because he didn’t want to pray! Click here to see that.

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