Wheel of Fortune Grandpa

Game shows can sometimes be painful to watch. You can get invested in a contestant and really want to see them win. That’s how many Wheel of Fortune viewers felt about a contestant named Frank.

Frank was accompanied on the show by his granddaughter Laurel.  The final puzzle that had to be solved was in the food and drink category. Frank was on a roll and the entire audience was cheering for him to win. Frank and Laurel had a pretty strong chance of getting this puzzle right as they had five letters on the board. The grandfather and granddaughter had ten seconds to figure out the name of this dish.

Laurel chimed in that the first word was fried. Right as the buzzer was about to go off, Grandpa Frank realized the second word was zucchini. I also thought it was fried zucchini, but that wasn’t the answer. This pair was obviously disappointed, but this increased ten-fold when Pat Sajak revealed that $1 million was the prize they would have gotten if they had been correct.

Poor Grandpa Frank clutched his chest as he realized $1 million had gotten away from him! It hurts my heart to see him in such shock. This is such a heartbreaker to watch!

Watch the video below and see if you would have gotten the correct answer.

Frank’s family probably doesn’t want to see a zucchini on the table ever again. Ultimately, they should have realized the first word wasn’t fried as “R” had been one of their letters. But, who eats baked zucchini?

Frank had many fans who took to social media to take up his cause and plead with Wheel of Fortune to give him the $1 million prize anyhow. This agonizing loss probably got the show at least $1 million in free advertising!

Check out this other video of someone else missing out on $1 million:

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Source: Daily Mail