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A ventriloquist has pickup technique that is something we haven’t seen before. He has found a rather unique and surefire way to ask girls out on the NYC subway. He uses his puppet to get women’s attention!

Nigel Dunkley has been a natural performer since childhood. He started at a young age by recording voices on his tape recorder. Now, he’s a one-man puppet and poetry act who is often seen around the Big Apple. His stage name is Doctor Gel and he uses his talents and puppets to engage the public.

He believes laughter brings people together and he is right! Humor can get people to disarm their concerns and hostilities. He has several puppets, but he took Cindy Hot Chocolate on the subway for the video below. Cindy is a bit of a know it all and always has something to say. Maybe a little too much to say!

In the video below, Cindy Hot Chocolate helps Doctor Gel flirt with some women on the train. She even gets him a phone number. Who can say no to a puppet, after all! She is quite the wingman!

It would be hard to ignore a puppet, especially with everyone so engaged in the performance! I wonder if she actually gave him the right number!

Nigel calls his brand of entertainment GelTown. You might think he got it from his own name, but Gelotology is actually the study of humor.

There is another video of Dr. Gel and Cindy Hot Chocolate picking up girls on the subway, but this video includes an encounter with a very defensive man with a woman who doesn’t take kindly to talking to a puppet. Watch what happens at the end of that confrontation in the video below after the chip is knocked off his shoulder!

That man takes himself way too seriously! He was owned by a puppet!

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