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The prospect of swimming with sharks is daunting for many people. But, this is something that daredevil divers seek out. This is an experience they live for!

Stefano Ulivi is a professional diver. He has quite the story to tell about swimming with sharks. Even better than that, he has a video of his encounter.

While on a group dive near Pico Island in the North Atlantic, Ulivi was surrounded by a group of blue sharks. This occurrence is even more special because these sharks are rarely seen in this area of the Atlantic.

One of these sharks became rather curious about the diver. The shark appeared to wonder what Ulivi was doing there. Afterall, how often do they see a man in the ocean? This blue shark began circling the diver. The shark made its move and approached the diver’s face. At this point, I would be freaking out, but what happened next is adorable.

The shark nudged Ulivi on the nose in what appeared to be a kiss! What an odd and wonderful experience for this diver!

You can watch the amazing video below!

Ulivi described the encounter as “exhilarating” and claims he wasn’t frightened by the curious shark. Blue sharks aren’t known to be aggressive, so the diver was more relaxed than he would have been if it were another type of shark.

“Usually blue sharks are super curious and commonly they approach divers really at a short distance,” the professional diver said.

This certainly was a once in a lifetime experience that Ulivi will always remember. Not many people can say they were kissed by a shark with razor-sharp teeth!

While fascinating, I’m not sure I would want to get this close up to a shark. If I tried it, I would likely end up with a big shark bite! This happened to a man who was fishing in Florida. He was bitten in the stomach and the nurse shark wouldn’t even let go of him after he climbed into the boat! Click here to see that!

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