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In 1982, an all-star cast assembled to honor the 250th birthday of our nation’s founder, George Washington. Norman Lear’s “I Love Liberty” was a two-hour special displaying patriotism and love of our country that today’s Hollywood’s stars seem to have forgotten.

Robin Williams – The Flag

Robin Williams had perhaps the most memorable performance of this star-studded show. For his five minute routine, the Mork and Mindy star was the American flag.

Dressed in a flag shirt, Williams highlighted the pride that many Americans feel when they see Old Glory. He also touched upon those who don’t respect the stars and stripes.

“But people haven’t always been respectful to me. Sometimes it’s been rough,” Robin Williams said.

“There’ve been some people trying to spit on me, trample me, burn me. Foreigners and occasionally some Americans, too. I don’t let it get me down because I’m not a stay-at-home kinda flag.”

Flying the flag isn’t as important to a lot of people as it has been in the past. Williams highlighted this point by saying, “I haven’t been getting out much lately. I guess it’s not very chic to put out the flag anymore.”

Williams Brand Of Humor

Williams included lots of humor in his routine. He also taught the audience some history about the flag in an amusing manner.

And of course, he ended it on a patriotic high note. 

“Hey, but look at it this way. Don’t look at it as saluting me, look at it as saluting yourselves. You know, hey, I’m just a flag, a symbol, you’re the people. If I may say so from here,” he places his hand over his heart, “long may you wave.”

Williams weaved a little history lesson into his patriotic routine.

Perhaps Colin Kaepernick should watch this video. Maybe it would give him a sense of respect.

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