Kate Smith God Bless America

Every American seems to know the words to “God Bless America.” It really strikes the hearts of patriotic Americans. Despite liberal attempts to remove the word “God” from everything, the song remains a favorite. And Kate Smith’s version is one of the most iconic and beautiful.

Kate Smith First Sings “God Bless America”

The iconic song was first sung in 1938 by Kate Smith. Her inspiring version of this Irving Berlin classic helped sell millions of dollars of war bonds during World War II.

Watch its glorious debut in the video below!

I could listen to this on repeat today!

God bless this great country, indeed! And thank you to our Founding Fathers for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this, our Independence Day!

Decades later, Kate is still associated with “God Bless America.” Not only did she debut the song, but she also sang it in the 1943 movie This Is The Army.

1974 Stanley Cup Performance Proves To Be Good Luck

Forty-six years later, Kate Smith was asked to perform “God Bless America” during the 1974 Stanley Cup before the Bruins faced the Flyers.

The Philadelphia Flyers had a history of success when Kate’s version of the song was played before a game.

Their record of playing Kate’s recording was 36–3–1. So, the Philadelphia Flyers invited her to sing it live for good luck.

The Boston Bruins attempted to jinx the Flyers by having Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito shake Kate’s hand after her stunning performance.

The Canadian hockey players thought their interference in the hoopla would help roadblock the song’s winning streak.

But, the song continued to be a good luck charm as the Flyers won the game and the Stanley Cup.

Video of Kate’s 1974 Stanley Cup performance is in the video below.

The song is part of the fabric of our country and it certainly is an important part of NHL history as well!

Those Canadian players couldn’t stand in the way of the “God Bless America” winning streak!

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