North Carolina Trump electors

Electors throughout the country gathered to vote for Donald Trump, officially making him the President-elect. There was much pressure on these electors from left wing activists to “vote their conscience” and vote for someone other than the Republican, but ultimately Trump earned 304 electoral votes, far exceeding the 270 required to clinch the presidency. The electoral college worked exactly as the Founding Fathers planned!

These Republican electors stood strong in the face of mass intimidation. They even received death threats if they voted for Trump, but they did their job and they did it with honor. As you can North Carolina, the electors sang “God Bless America” as they walked to cast their votes. What patriots! They weren’t cowering from threats.

What a contrast to liberals like Colin Kaepernick who can’t even bother to stand for the National Anthem. These electors were proudly demonstrating their patriotism in the face of threats and intimidation!

Ironically, the left’s push for faithless electors cost Hillary Clinton more votes that Donald Trump! The campaign for electors to “vote their conscience” ultimately had the Democrats reconsidering!

Raw video of some electoral college meetings is in the video below! It is official! Donald J. Trump is the President-elect of the United States!

What a great day for the United States! Even in the face of lots of pressure from radical left wingers, these electors did their job all while wearing their love for our country on their sleeves!


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H/T: Truthfeed

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