Judge Judy justice

Judge Judy doesn’t mince words. The no nonsense judge says what many of us are feeling. She’s not afraid to call people out for their stupidity.

And that’s exactly what she did to one defendant in her courtroom. The mother told her 6 year old daughter that there was a chance her ex-husband was actually not the girl’s father.

This obvious caused a lot of issues with the little girl. However, a paternity test proved that the ex-husband was the father.

Judge Judy was appalled that any mother could do this to her child. The Judge called the woman a “moron” and said, “You are an example of why people should have to take tests before they have children!”


Watch the woman’s reaction in the video below!

I love Judge Judy! There is no in between with her. If you’re a moron, you’re being called a moron! She doesn’t sanitize her feelings!

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