Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin

After seeing Kate Gosselin’s Halloween Instagram post, her ex-husband Jon is allegedly ready to fight for custody of their eight children.

We met the Gosselins on their reality show Jon and Kate Plus Eight when it began airing in 2007. Since that time, the parents of sextuplets and two older daughters got divorced and were embroiled in a nasty custody dispute.

Many of us have watched in horror as Kate refuses to give Jon proper access to their children. Jon gets the kids one night a week for dinner and every other weekend, but he only gets four of the kids at a time. He hasn’t seen all eight of his kids together in three years!

Things got even weirder when their son Collin was excluded from Kate’s show Kate Plus Eight. In fact, Kate had sent him away to be in a program with special needs. In addition to excluding Collin from family events, including his thirteenth birthday party with his siblings, she won’t even tell Jon where Collin is.

That’s why Kate’s recent Instagram post has sent Jon to push for custody. Once again, Collin was apparently excluded from a big family event. He didn’t go Trick-or-Treating with the other five sextuplets.

Jon has not had the financial resources to take Kate back to court. She is the one with the income from the television show. Jon believes Kate is fighting tooth and nail to prevent him from getting custody because she knows that he will not agree to allow the kids to remain on the show.

In the video below from several months ago, Jon details how he feels about this situation and why he is concerned about Collin.

It’s alarming that Kate won’t even tell Jon where Collin is. It’s as if she is trying to intentionally exclude him. She wants to alienate Jon from their children. It’s important for children to have a relationship with their father. Alienating Jon will likely come back to bite Kate when the kids are adults. If Jon is prepared to fight for custody of his kids, this is going to be a nasty battle.

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