Survivor Season 35

Survivor’s 35th season this fall will have some big changes. The enduring reality show is pitting Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. But, there’s more to it than that.

The winner of the Final Four Immunity challenge not only gets to advance to the Final Tribal Council, he gets to chose one person to go with him. That will pit the remaining two against each other to survive in a fire making challenge.

Inside Survivor explains why this is such a big change to the format of the show.

“Survivor is often criticized for the way the “strongest” players are eliminated just before Final Tribal Council, losing out on the chance to plead their case to the jury. But those Day 38 Club woes could be a thing of the past with this monumental shake-up to the game. It would provide an opportunity for those usually voted out for being “jury threats,” and therefore potentially creating a more competitive Final Tribal Council.”

That sounds like a big shakeup! But, the participants seem capable of the challenge. A trailer for the series, which includes veterans and emergency workers, can be seen below.

The show Survivor is also quite the Survivor. The reality show first aired in 1997. Twenty years later it continues grabbing ratings.

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Source: Inside Survivor

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