Jeff Dunham twins

Jeff Dunham’s puppets don’t mince words, particularly when it comes to criticizing him. Jeff is in his mid-50s and recently became a dad again to twins, James and Jack. This has put a target on his back for age jokes from his sidekicks, especially from Peanut!

Peanut thinks it’s hilarious that Jeff will be a senior citizen in less than a decade when he has two sons in diapers. Peanut is sure that Jeff’s will also be in diapers soon! When Jeff told Peanut that he got to see his sons’ first steps Peanut replied,  “and they get to see you take your last step.”

Jeff doesn’t look very happy when Peanut’s jokes at his expense. Peanut showed no mercy regarding Jeff having toddler sons at such an advanced age. It’s even funnier when you remember that Jeff is the one throwing insults at himself through Peanut!

The best part is when Peanut asks Jeff if he will be a protective father and require the twins to wear protective items like helmets and kneepads.

Watch the video below for a good laugh at Jeff’s expense!

The reality is that Jeff is quite a bit older than other fathers of toddlers. That can be funny! It’s not something that Jeff can be sensitive about because it’s all true! His sons are likely to joke about how old he is, too!

Jeff has a new Netflix special Relative Disaster that deals with Jeff’s family. No topic is off limits. There are loads of jokes about Jeff’s age, his wife being so much younger than him, and even the fact that Jeff is adopted. Nothing is sacred with Jeff’s puppets!

Since Jeff’s puppets are part of the family, he has even introduced them to his sons with hilarious results. Click here to see Walter and Peanut meet Jeff’s twins for the first time!

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